How to Install Zhaga Sensor, According to Wiring Diagram

Shanghai Long-join Intelligent has been established for 20 years. It is a professional R & D and production of intelligent light controllers, as well as a leading professional processing and manufacturing enterprise of domestic lamps. In addition, our smart control products are sold all over the world, maintaining a 60% share of the North American market. It has reached cooperation with many overseas brand lighting suppliers and retailers and has become a designated agent manufacturer of famous brands such as Philips, General Electric Lighting, Cree, Eaton Cooper, and Home Depot.

Recently promote a series of zhaga light controller products sold in the global market. Of course, threre are we will list the related introductions of other different models , in order to reduce the problem of product function user, and reduce your selection time, and get more products related to intelligent wireless control zhaga standard interface.

If you will want to install the zhaga controller on led street light post or indoor lamp, you must use the connector of the zhaga standard interface and interconnected with the contact object module. so, to be installed zhaga controller is divided into 2 stages.

zhaga connector

Stage1- wiring compliant to zhaga book 18 receptacle

If the photocell controller has need to be equipped with 10-24VDC DC power supply, then, there is to provide a power source that can convert AC to DC, or directly use JL-710 socket whom convert AC to DC charge swishing for light controller.

JL-701A zhaga_01

Scheme 1 for use 700 receptacle
When the drive does not have a standard auxiliary power output, additional power supply is required.

*Scheme 2 for use 710 receptacle
When using the 710 series socket, the 710 socket has built-in Switching change AC-DC /  AC voltage switching to DC voltage.


Stage2-install light control module
As long as there is a standard interface (zhaga book18) and the light controller are closely and seamlessly connected, you can take the light controller on different parts of the lamp. Such as the lamp arm, the lampshade, and installed on the same side as the lamp source.

zhaga installtion