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Tel: +86 18817685880, By far the people’s most popular product is the streetlight twistlock photocell switch, wireless smart photo control, Zhaga lighting controller, and pro-intelligent city IOT lighting management system service. Once you come up with good things, we measure to get innovative ideas to solve problems.




Customize Service

Our strength business team has rich practice from business in the lighting field. so can give you more about purchase service suggestions.

1. Here provide how to right place street light controller, and distinguish feature between light sensor and photocontroller.

2.24h Quickly responsible service. here I’m sure, would be able to design-make customize sample products according to customers’ specifications or requirements. further, if you have a good thinks, we measure to get innovative solutions to solve the problem.

3. Here provide one or plus different international transportation distribution solutions, and also for you choose economic sent shipping port.

4. Here help me customize other service, as like packaging box,design brand logo,

Welcome to consult the following contact information, we can help you learn more about the lighting solutions of the lamp fixture apply photo controller.