JL-246CG Smart Remote Wireless Photocell Control

JL-245 & JL-246 series of intelligent light controller can apply to single control application or system control application. Such as roads, exhibitions, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, parks and so on. All three models can operate as stand-alone lamp controls with local strategies.

Thus all single-control light controllers JL-245C above the standard NEMA interface of the luminaire. The internal program of the controller can execute the light control strategy independently. Such as switching, dimming, midnight dimming, light attenuation compensation, metering, abnormal protection and LED status indication.

You can also use M JL-245C and a JL-246CW or JL-246CG to compose a light control Zigbee network , then use N *Zigbee network to compose a larger network.


1.Convenient  mounted way:  by the wireless automatic connecting;

2.Remote control: All the operating parameters of the lamp controller can be freely set on the WEB interface.

2.Safe and reliable:Built-in abnormal protection, which can effectively protect the controller to avoid equipment damage.

3.Maintenance efficient:Automatic fault reporting function allows managers to get the fault situation and timely replacement.

3.Green and energy saving:Controller is designed by environmentally friendly low-power device materials, and intelligent control more energy-efficient.

WAN Networking Control Application

Master controller: JL-246CG

Auxiliary controller: JL-245C

Application Scenes for WAN Networking Control

Networking Description

1. JL-245C automatically connected to the JL-246CG through ZigBee network when power on.

2.M JL-245C and a JL-246CG composed of a Zigbee network,N ZigBee network composed of the entire lighting control network,M suggested≤50.

3.N JL-246CW automatically connected to the cloud server through 2G/3G/4G/NB-IOT/LoRa/Sigfox network.

4. Users can remote control all devices through the computer terminal’s WEB


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