Special Built-in AC-DC Switching Zhaga Receptacle JL-710

How to Wiring Compliant to Zhaga Book 18 Receptacle


If the photocell controller has need to be equipped with 10-24VDC DC power supply, then, there is to provide a power source that can convert AC to DC, or directly use JL-710 socket whom convert AC to DC charge swishing for light controller.

JL-710 zhaga

*Scheme 1 for use 700 receptacle

When the drive does not have a standard auxiliary power output, additional power supply is required


*Scheme 2 for use 710 receptacle

Long-join Steady achieved study on lighting market, We Provide the 710 socket has built-in Switching change AC-DC.

JL-701A zhaga_01

this is Certificated zhaga book 18 JL-710 receptacles, it can help you to solve problem about AC switching DC. In other word, to reduce fit auxiliary power equipment cost, to best install 0-10V zhaga controller and get steady working. So you want know about JL-710 Socket function parameters, so you reference description that you will more interest in product parameters of information.


Zhaga specification Specification

Model JL-710
Rated input voltage range 100-277VAC
Rated input Voltage Range(Max) 85-305VAC
Maximum steady-state input AC current 30mA (under 220VAC)
I2t 0.009A2s (under 220VAC)
Conversion efficiency 80%(under 220VAC)
Output voltage 12-24V DC
Stable voltage adjust precision +/-2%
Rated current 0.21A
Rated power 5W
Noise 150 mVp-p
Ripple 100 mVp-p
Linear adjustment rate +/-0.12%
Load adjustment rate +/-5%
Static consumption power <0.12W
Mufti-protection Short protection, Over-current (overload) protection, Over-voltage protection,Open circuit protection
Certificate CE,RoHS, UL/CUL
Flammability Level UL94-V0
Mechanical Vibration IEC61000-3-2
Operating Temperature -40°C~55°C
Operating Humidity 5%RH~99%RH
Life >=80000h
IP rating IP66 (under connected zhaga controller)
Weight Approx 85g