Shanghai Long-join Manufacturer Process Capacity

Shanghai Long-join Intelligent has been established for 20 years. It is a professional R & D and production of intelligent light controllers, as well as a leading professional processing and manufacturing enterprise of domestic lamps. In addition, our smart control products are sold all over the world, maintaining a 60% share of the North American market. It has reached cooperation with many overseas brand lighting suppliers and retailers, and has become a designated agent manufacturer of famous brands such as Philips, General Electric Lighting, Cree, Eaton Cooper, and Home Depot.

Production strength introduction

 1. The third workshop processing technology: welding, riveting wires, assembly, inspection and packaging.
Achieved annual output: 1 million pieces / year
Processed product model: Photocell control socket (JL-200X, JL-230XA, JL-240XA, JL-260C, JL-260D)
Staff: About 30 people.

image 1.1 various styles feature-ANSI C136.41, ANSI C136.10,CUL, UL,CB and Rotate and so on.

   the third product line

2. The second workshop processing technology: polishing processing plug-in, wave soldering, riveting, soldering, testing, ultrasonic, comprehensive testing, packaging, etc.
Realized annual output: 2 million pieces / year
Processed product model: twist-lock light controller (JL-205, JL-207, JL-214C, JL-215C, JL-241C, JL-245C and JL-246CG)
Staff: about 60 people.

image 2.1 various styles feature-IP54, IP65, IP66, IP67, CUL, UL,CB and FCC and so on.

the second product line

3. The first workshop processing technology: welding, semi-automatic assembly, assembly, soldering, debugging, ultrasound, comprehensive testing, packaging, etc.
Realized annual output: 4 million pieces / year
Processed product models: spin-lock light controller, wiring light controller and zhaga controller (JL-103, JL-104, JL-106, JL-109, JL-202, JL-203, JL-208, JL -209, JL-700 and zhaga controller)
Staff: about 110 people.

imge 3.1  Thrermal type controller, twit lock photocontroller and JL-700 zhaga receptacle

The first product line

imge 3.2  JL-700 get zhaga book18 certificate, and CE listed North American Market

zhaga product line

Overview the Production Process in the Workshop

Process craft steps: Integrated circuit soldering, assembly, calibration, bonding wire, assembly riveting.

workshop process craft