Shanghai Long-Join Intelligent Technology Inc changes story

    Shanghai Long-Join Intelligent Technology Inc changes story

Annual Development Events

1. 2020 years NEMA socket/receptacle get CB certification.

2. 2020 years TUV rheinland evaluation production and trading capability verification qualification.

3. 2019 years get zhaga book18 test report, and CE certificate.

4. 2019 years the 2th Production project “Longjoin Intelligent Light Control Buildings” had  completed.

5. 2016 years Zhejiang Longjoin, a wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary, put into operation.

6. 2016 years Longjoin Listed on China the New Third Board.

7. 2013 years Introduce U.S. LED street lamp interface standards and lead new products to market.

8. 2009 years main brand Cooperator, Philips, General Electric, Tork, QSSI, TE and Walmart.

9. 2004 years Become a conjoin production base of many American peers.

10. 2003 years Long join Electronic Co., Ltd. established Baoshan production base.

11. 2000 years Long join Electronics was established,and main Product Categories-photocell Sensor,NEMA receptacle.

Do worthy to more known about our story

2019.1.19 Live Shooting

 2019.1.19 Live Shooting01

2020.3.16 longjoin get CB certification and Testing report

CBtest certificatedCBtestdekra.png-01

                                                        DERA Certification and Test  Repoort

2020,1,13 longjoin get assessment report by TUV rheinland

  trading repport prodction assessment report main prodcut lines verification report

Verified Content:

1. Assessment type: Trading Assessment report

2. Assessment type: Production Assessment report

3. Assessment type: Main Product lines Verification report

2019.11.11 longjoin obtain zhaga book18 V1.0 Test Report


JL-700 get Eu list test  report

2019.10.8 CE listed JL-260D,JL-260C,JL-700,JL-701,JL-200X,JL-240XA etc

2019.10.8 CE listed JL-403C,JL-423C,JL-217C,JL-205C,JL-208,JL-428C etc


2019.8.21  the 2th Production project “Longjoin Intelligent Light Control Buildings”

build contruction01