How to Distinct Wiring JL-710 and JL-700 Zhaga sensor Receptacle?

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Our Photocontrol compliant to NEMA and Zhaga standard

Future-proof All lED luminaires feature multiple Zhaga Book 18 sockets for sensor inputs, and mute support for communications modules via the current NEMA 7 standard socket or by the new Zhaga Book 18 socket.


Distinct between nema receptacle and zhaga socket

Below, show the LED  light fixture interface advantages of different standards and the popular user in the applicable areas to purchasing to enjoy happiness.

Item NEMA photocontrol receptacle Zhaga photocell sensor socket
Interface standard ANSI C136.41, ANSI C136.42 Zhaga book18
Feature Inter-locking photocontrol connector module Inter-locking zhaga connector module
Dimming output 0-10V/DALI/PWM 0-10V/DALI/PWM
Wires gauges #14,#16 #14,#16
Customized design Available custom -
IP Rating Under on mounting interconnect locking zhaga controller reach on IP66, IP65,IP66 Under on mounting interconnect locking zhaga controller reach on IP66
Output voltage Range 0-480VAC 12-24VDC
Prong type 3 pin,5pin,7pin 4 pin
 Available custom  custom  custom


How to wiring zhaga sensor receptacle?

If the photocell controller has need to be equipped with 10-24VDC DC power supply, then, there is to provide a power source that can convert AC to DC, or directly use JL-710 socket whom convert AC to DC charge swishing for light controller.


Scheme 1 for use 700 receptacle

When the drive does not have a standard auxiliary power output, additional power supply is required.

700zhaga socket
700 wiring extra supply power

JL-700 Zhaga receptacle 4 pin prongs wiring point definition

Default version for European standard

Wires Color Type
Brown 24VDC
Blue DALI+
Black General I/O

Optional Version for American standard

Wires Color Type
Black 24VDC
Violet DALI+
Black General I/O

4 pin wiring connect

*Scheme 2 for use 710 receptacle

When using the 710-series socket, the 710 socket has built-in AC voltage switching to DC voltage.

710zhaga socket
don’t need extra supply driver power


JL-710 Zhaga Receptacle 4 pin prongs wiring point Definition

Wires Color Type
White AC input
Black AC input
Violet DALI+


How to wiring NEMA photocontrol receptacle?

Scheme 1 for use 3 pin receptacle

So easy, also simple installation.

1) Black wires, there Is AC input li

2) Red wires, there to be wiring load.

3) White wires, there is connected by neutral wires.

3 pin photocontrol receptacle wiring connector diagram.

3pin wiring connect

Scheme 2 for use 5 pin receptacle

What is difference between 5 pin receptacles and 3 pin receptacles? so , there is about 90% similar function and material for light controller to automatically light switch. most important dimming output which the 5 pin receptacle 0-10V, and there is others two wires for professional connect dimming driver / steady current driver.

5 pin photocontrol receptacle wiring connector diagram

5pin wiring connect

Scheme 3 for use 7 pin receptacle

may you will considering leading IOT networked control and data acquisition, we recommend take conbine between JL-240XA socket and JL-208 shorting cap. Of course, this is only the optimal choice. For better need dimming driving, it is recommended that you choose 7 pin socket and 5 pin socket first.

7 pin photocontrol receptacle wiring connector diagram

7 pin wiring connect

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