7 PIN Photocontrol Receptacle JL-250T

The entire JL-250T series twist-lock receptacles were designed for the lanterns those intended to have an ANSI C136.10-2006 receptacle to fit a twist-lock photocontrol.


1.ANSI C136.41-2013 standard to allow a LED lamp multi-controlled through the receptacle and obtained cRUus certificates under UL file E188110.

2.This item JL-250T1412 offers 4 gold-plated low voltage pads on the top surface to fit photocontrol has ANSI C136.41 conforming spring contacts, and offers 4 corresponding wires at rear back for signal connection.

3. 360 degree rotation limiting feature to conform ANSIC136.10-2010 requirements. After simply fit its Rear Seat onto a lamp housing with 2 screws, the assembled receptacle body can be handy snapped on the Seat for mechanical installation completed. Rotation will be held during photocontrol installation or removal by pressure applied vertically.

This item has multiple gaskets built-in already for IP65 protection.

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